Nisab Calculator

A Muslim legal problem…

Muslims are required to pay alms on their financial assets when well-known conditions are met. While these conditions are well-known, some of them are defined in terms of weight of gold and silver unfamiliar to Muslims today. While it is trivial to express these weights in their contemporary equivalents, there remains a problem of expressing the value of gold and silver in terms of contemporary currencies. (more…)

This, in sha Allah, is where e-nisab can help.

…a technical solution

e-nisab presents the value of the nisab in terms of major currencies.

Twice each hour, e-nisab gathers the current price for gold and silver in USD (United States dollars) from three major markets. These values are used to calculate the value of the nisab in USD.

Once each day, e-nisab gathers the current prices for major world currencies and precious metals, and uses these values to calculate the value of the nisab in these currencies.

Presenting the the nisab in US dollars, British pounds, or Euros makes it easy for Muslims to verify whether they need to pay zakat.

While it is best to rely upon one’s local Muslim scholars and the local prices for gold and silver in determining the nisab, this does not tend to be an option for Muslims living outside traditional Muslim lands.

some details

The nisab for gold is 84.70 grams (20 mithqal × 4.235 grams per mithqal). There is a difference of opinion whether the gold must be 21 or 22 carat. The gold market trades 22 carat gold, so this is what we use here.

The nisab for silver is 592.90 grams (200 mithqal × 2.965 grams per dirham), though the Hanafi scholars consider it to be 625.00 grams (200 dirham × 3.125 grams per dirham).

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